Our Approach

We aim to do more than just accounting and tax. We are on a mission to promote efficiencies for you and your business. 

1st thing first

Once you partner with us, we’ll get together and talk about your business. We know that every business has unique pain points, so we will dig into what’s giving you the most headaches and sleepless nights to help with those things first as a priority.

2. Just for you 

During your first 90 days with us, we perform a free and detailed analysis of your business and design a customised implementation plan to set up your bookkeeping and other business tools. We couple seamlessly integrated solutions to your accounting software for optimal efficiency. If you’re already using a bookkeeping platform that does not support a fully stacked tech solution, we’ll design a migration plan instead. 

3. Get free

Set yourself free. With us, set-up is quick and pain-free. We also include tailored training where we guide you through accounting software and technology capabilities. No bookkeeping or accounting experience is required.  We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

HASL 4 You

We regularly test hospitality industry software applications to keep abreast of the latest technologies. This may include but not is limited to, software for POS, Property Management Systems, or Time and Attendance Management. 

Getting started is easy

Meet With Us

Whether you’re starting fresh or switching bookkeeping services, getting started is simple. Your dedicated finance expert is there from the beginning: they will get you onboarded, learn the ins and outs of your finances, and partner with you.

Send Your Transactions – Automatically

Say goodbye to exporting CSV files and emailing attachments. HASL seamlessly integrates with the services your business already uses, like Xero, Deputy, Pleo or iZettle POS. Your finance expert will collect initial details and from there the process is reliable and accurate. We will also give you a free systems application health-check for your business to help you ensure cost efficiency from your apps and systems.

Get Your Financial Report, Get Back To Business

Each month or each quarter, you’ll get a very detailed report containing your profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Your financial reports also include hospitality industry metrics that matter for your type of business. 

Finance Business Partner Services

Every day we wake up with one goal: to be new-age commercial accountants that are closely aligned with the businesses that we work with. Unlike traditional accountants who are only concerned with year-end accounts and tax, we want to support your business to achieve its daily, weekly, or monthly goals. 

Other Services and Support

Contact us any time to discuss your particular business needs, we are always happy to help. We are particularly keen to offer support to review your accounts if you think your business may have spent resources (time and money) on innovation and may be eligible to apply for R&D tax credit relief. 

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