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We are serious about accounting. We are passionate about hospitality.

The Long

We love to take care of the financial stuff, and we love hospitality. We married these two together,  just as well, our own marriage was postponed during the global pandemic of 2020, from Saturday, 10th of October 2020 to tbc! Yes, our wedding day was planned for 10.10.2020, I told you we are about the numbers! 

Like many out there, in 2020; we lost loved ones, we lost jobs, we lost simple social freedoms. Human nature is remarkably unfaltering. All those times we spent together at home during the pandemic; worrying and caring, crying and laughing, working and home-schooling – we saw that our love and fiery passion for hospitality and business were un-weathered and so HASL was born. The personal and human touch is really a BIG part of what we are about. You don’t just want a transactional relationship, so we are disrupting accounting for small businesses to put a lot of ‘service’ into it, just as well as you do. 

The Short

You say it like HA-SL, HA as in Happy. Hospitality Accountant Scotland Ltd is shortened to HASL, pronounced [‘Has(ə)l] because we wanted a name that epitomised what we do. We ‘hustle’ for you. We are here to support your business every step of the way and ensure that you do not lose time doing your own financial administration. Get a finance business partner you can trust. We have 40 years of combined experience working in accountancy and hospitality.

Why Companies Like Yours Choose Us

A Dedicated Team of Experts

Your team of accountants, led by a Financial Controller, will take care of all bookkeeping and financial administration. We’ll do all the heavy lifting. Your focus should be on growing your business, plain and simple. 

Your Timely Finance Business Partner

At Hospitality Accountant Scotland – HASL, we act as an extension of your business, ensuring you have constant visibility and resources to reach your goals. We promise you timeliness in our reporting. 

One-Stop Shop

Keep all your accounting, payroll and tax needs under one roof to maximise efficiency. We will also support you for R&D tax credits claim if your business activity qualifies

A Fixed Price Promise

Our focus is on quality, not how many hours we can spend on a deliverable. In turn, you pay for a result, not for time spent.

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